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FCMC Specialty Clinic

Providing Surgery & Specialty Care Needs


Excellence in Surgical and Specialty Healthcare

We are proud to provide our local Franklin County residents and others from Pocatello to Salt Lake City, access to surgical and specialty care by some of the region’s top specialists. Each of the independently contracted physicians is vetted by our rigorous internal auditing process. The specialists work directly with providers at Willow Valley Medical Clinic or with your chosen primary care physician to give quality coordinated care.

“I’ve had several surgeries in the past two years. Thanks for continuing to add more services that allow us to stay local for our healthcare needs.”


We Take Care of Your Needs Within the FCMC Campus.


Surgeons are onsite three days a week and available to attend to emergency situations. The specialists will diagnose and treat injuries or diseases ranging from bones, joints, and ligaments, to muscles and tendons. From sports injuries to hip, shoulder and knee replacements – providers care for your orthopedic needs.

Providers: Dr. Gregory Hicken, Dr. Kerry Jepsen

General Surgery

General surgery is a medical specialty that involves performing surgeries to treat different conditions. Surgeons who specialize in general surgery are skilled in a wide range of procedures.

Providers: Dr. Lance Bryce


Getting to the heart of the matter, a cardiologist works with your primary care doctor to recognize and treat cardiovascular needs. Conditions such as heart murmurs, hypertension, coronary disease and post follow-up care from heart attacks are all managed within our clinic. The specialist may also perform an EKG or ECG (electrocardiogram) to check your heart and get a clearer picture of your treatment needs.

Providers: Dr. Robert Garr

Gynecology & Obstetrics

Specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the female reproductive organs in adolescent and adult female patients and the care of women during pregnancy and childbirth. Including expertise in minimally invasive surgery and treatments of heavy painful periods, uterine prolapse,  birth control, hormone therapy, infertility, and pelvic pain.

Provider: Dr. Nicholas Packer


We provide a welcoming environment for an ophthalmologist to treat numerous conditions like cataracts or glaucoma. The specialist also performs ocular and periorbital procedures that deal with trauma to the eye, infection or malignant tumors, and oculoplastic procedures for problems such as weakness around the eyes or tear duct problems.  

Providers: Dr. Christian Nilson


Your feet need the same quality care as the rest of your body. The specialist is available for clinic visits and surgical care when needed. From plantar fasciitis and heel spurs to treatment of lower extremity wounds and diabetic foot care; it’s important to (literally) feel comfortable in your shoes.

Providers: Dr. Spencer B. Heninger, Hannah Thomsen, NP

Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

There are several procedures and services to cater to your ENT needs, also known as Otolaryngology. The independent specialist runs an allergy clinic (testing and injections) several days a week, and when needed, patients are also able to get surgical treatment related to sinus issues. The specialist also performs facial and reconstructive surgery in the ENT areas.

Providers: Dr. Jeffrey Bennion, Dr. Zachary Robinett


There are times a chronic pain may be related to a nerve issue. The independent physiatrist may perform an EMG (electromyography) to diagnose the health of muscles and nerve cells. This procedure and other diagnostic services, help the physiatrist and your primary care provider determine how to best treat the whole person, not just a problem area.  

Providers: Dr. Lori Novich-Welter


Telepsychiatry is mental and behavioral health care delivered through real-time videoconferencing in a secure, private place. It is great for allowing more people access to behavioral health care. Since there is a significant nationwide shortage of mental health professionals, telepsychiatry makes it easier for them to see more people in more places. Telepsychiatry clinicians are experts in their field and trained in providing quality care through technology.

Providers: Dr. David Leavitt


There are many reasons you may need a urologist. With over 20 years experience, the urologist can often take care of your needs within an outpatient setting. Surgical procedures include treatment of the kidney, bladder and urinary areas. The clinic also has access to a state of the art machine to perform shock wave lithotripsy, affectionately known as the “kidney stone blaster.”

Providers: Dr. Justin P. Parkinson

Our procedures rooms are state of the art and within a friendly environment to provide excellence in hospitality and care.

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We work directly with the Willow Valley Medical Clinic providers or your preferred physician to schedule consults and services.

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