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All Tiled Up!

Since 1929, Franklin County Medical Center has provided healthcare to our community. Over the years, we have continued to grow to meet the healthcare needs in Franklin County. Our population continues to grow, and we need to expand to meet the demands of today and plan for tomorrow. This means bringing in new physicians. This also means we need more space to comfortably accommodate the new services on top of those we have been practicing for years, even generations. This new medical office building will continue our commitment to providing coordinated, quality healthcare.

This new, two-story building will be the new combined home to Willow Valley and Specialty Clinic, bringing better access, accommodations, and services to our community.

This campaign and donor wall are just one of many initiatives that Allyson Wadsworth, Foundation Director, has passionately pursued over the past few years. In response to her recent passing, we have received an overwhelming amount of requests, support, and donations in her honor. Instead of having multiple tiles dedicated to her, FCMC will dedicate the entire wall in Allyson’s honor so that her passion, generosity, and service will be forever remembered. A special plaque will be installed as a prominent and permanent fixture of the new medical office building that she has worked so hard to accomplish.

Donations have been collected. We appreciate the generosity and support of the community.

Hit from the Heart

Join us for our annual FCMC Healthcare Foundation “Hit from the Heart” Golf Fundraiser. Get your buddies and enjoy a fun day of 18-hole 4-man scramble. There are a ton of ways to participate, from hole sponsors to food and raffle prizes. This is one where it is just as fun to donate as it is to participate. And it sure beats spending a spring day in the office.

Annual Grant Cycle

As part of the FCMC Healthcare Foundation’s mission to promote health and wellness in our community, these funds support existing projects and help kick start new initiatives throughout the county. So, if you have a project that could use a boost or you have a new idea, apply for the grant today! The applications are available beginning September 15 through October 31th.

“Each year generous donors, many of them former patients, contribute to our Healthcare Foundation, making a difference in the lives of others who depend on our community hospital.”  


Making a difference in the lives of others who depend on our community hospital

Contributions to the Foundation in support of our hospital can be made in several forms: Donations from individuals or Community Organizations… for which we are always grateful Supporting fundraising events in the form of sponsorship (Golf Tournament). Corporate support from the business community who recognize how important good health care is And Planned Giving… gifts that are arranged now but that will take effect in the future. Volunteering as a board member, an event participant or supporter, or in many other ways. There’s probably no hospital that can maintain the very best in healthcare technology and services without the help of some very special friends & its benefactors.

Why Would I Give?

When you make a contribution to Franklin County Healthcare Foundation, your gift goes directly to work, helping many different community organizations and supporting Franklin County Medical Center by improving patient care, research, education, and providing doctors and nurses with quality facilities to be able to assist each of us to better health.

Why Do People Give?

People give for a number of reasons. More often than not they believe that they are contributing to better healthcare in their community. And they are absolutely right. Better hospital funding means more and better services. In the long run any contribution to a hospital’s foundation is an investment in you and your community’s health.

Who Benefits?

Our community, friends, neighbors, and family members—even ourselves, who become patients at Franklin County Medical Center. Each of us deserves the best possible care.

What happens with the donations?

The Franklin County Healthcare Foundation uses donations to fund equipment, make facility updates, educate and take preventative care measures within Franklin County Medical Center and other community organizations.

Is it Tax Deductible?

All donations to Franklin County Healthcare Foundation are fully tax-deductible.

Donations by check can be mailed to:
FCMC Healthcare Foundation Director
44 North 1st East
Preston, ID 83263

The Foundation has two purposes. To support and sustain Franklin County Medical Center and to promote healthy lifestyles throughout Franklin County and the surrounding communities. 

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